Back from the Dead

Ravish, Jesus, Rock, Christian, Emo

As a Christian RAVISH were influenced by White Cross, Barren Cross, 

White heart, Petra, Stryper, Shout, Stryken,  Bloodgood and Deliverance.

IN A CRAZY REALM OF ROCK AND ROLL ONE NAME STANDS OUT, RAVISH: A Christian rockers dream come true. 

One could say that RAVISH was born in the 1980's, 1970's or even as early as the 50's or 60's with influences by such bands as Kiss, Def Leppard, Dokken, Motley Crue, even as far back as The Beatles, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley and the Comets. The vision of RAVISH can be traced back to high school notebooks, sketches and lyrics written by Ric Iron. He met many talented individuals, some good, some bad, as RAVISH was coming to be. 

As teens RAVISH was unable to get out of the garage, so many line-up changes made it impossible, but in time through trials and tribulation RAVISH began performing as early as 2001. With a steady lineup the group played every Thursday night for sometime, most of the time trying to catch the owner of the business to get paid. 

RAVISH recorded a five song demo in 2003 and began selling and performing in and around Walla Walla, Washington. 

In 2006 RAVISH tied for second at a Battle of the Bands In Walla Walla, Washington, played the fair in Kennewick, Washington, sold CD's, played live on a radio show, played live at a theater and gave out many CD singles of Time to Rock and Still. 

Forced Upon was officially released in April 2011, With a new lead guitarist, Mykal Lee, in June 2011 RAVISH signed with TMG to record their second album, Back from the Dead which was released in June 2012.

Played for the Girl scouts of America in Oregon in 2002

In 2004 RAVISH recorded it's first album, Forced Upon at Studio 79 in Walla Walla, Washington.

Hit and Run Rendezvous